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About the Author

Pat Bensky’s career has been very diverse. After completing a Computer Science course in her native England, she decided to take a little time off to do some travelling (see A Lizard in the Sun). Five years later, after arriving in Los Angeles, it was time to “settle down” and have a real job, and she progressed through jobs as photographer, photojournalist, news agency bureau chief, freelance photojournalist, computer consultant, to magazine editor. In 1991 she returned to the UK and set up a software development company: CatBase Software Ltd.

In April 2003, Pat’s first book, A Lizard in the Sun, was published.

Dismayed by the generally poor standard of grammar she observed in publications, business communications and students’ work, she set about compiling The Grammar Cookbook to help businesses and individuals who wish to improve their grammar. This book was published in 2004.

Pat has been managing her own web sites since around 1995, and has developed a simple method for getting them high positions in the search engine rankings. She decided to put her simple five-step method into a book, and in January 2007 Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Website's Search Engine Ranking was published.


The Grammar Cookbook

Make sure that your written communications do not contain any embarrassing grammatical errors! The easy-to-read, one-topic-per-page style of the Cookbook describes the most common grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, and explains in non-technical terms how to correct them.

A Lizard in the Sun

What would you do if you were desperate to travel around the world, but you had little or no money to finance your trip? You could stay home feeling sorry for yourself, keep putting it off until you could afford it, or just pack a bag and go, hoping to be able to live on your wits and find work along the way.
That’s what Pat Bensky did in her early twenties, and it led to a three-year adventure as she worked her way around Europe, North Africa, the West Indies, Bahamas, and the USA.
At times she was hungry, homeless, sick, miserable, ecstatic; was almost lost at sea, and cured of a serious illness by a West Indian witch doctor. But her resourcefulness, courage, and positive attitude steered her through the hard bits, and when she got to California, she decided that she’d found a place worth staying in.

Five Simple Steps to improve Your Website's Search Engine Ranking

Anybody who knows how to create a basic web page can use the techniques described in this book to boost the search engine rankings for their web site. Just follow the simple five-step method to quickly achieve effective results. In fact you've probably completed at least two of the steps already ...


To contact Pat, send an email to pat @

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